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Use this form to apply for a waiver from MARAD to allow your foreign-built vessel to engage in coastwise trade.  If you want to carry passengers for hire on U.S. waters you need a coastwise endorsement to your Certificate of Documentation.  If your vessel is foreign-built, you will need a waiver from MARAD to obtain your coastwise endorsement.  There is no guarantee that your waiver application will be accepted by MARAD.
In order to be eligible for a MARAD waiver, the vessel:
  1. Must be at least three years old;
  2. Must not carry more than 12 passengers for hire;
  3. Must be used to carry passengers only.  The vessel may not carry cargo or engage in commercial fishing, towing, dredging, salvage, etc. Sport fishing is permitted so long as the fish caught are not sold commercially; and
  4. Must be owned by a United States Citizen.
If you don't like filling out forms, give us a call at 1-855-Yacht-Docs (1-855-922-4836) and a real live person will fill in the blanks for you.  Or, click in the bottom-right to chat with us for assistance.
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