There's a lot of confusion over whether - and when - a Coast Guard Documented vessel needs to be registered with the state.  The short answer is that UCSG Documented boats never need to be titled with the state, but may need to be registered with the state de...

Not just anyone can own a U.S. Documented Vessel.  There are very specific citizenship requirements for owners of U.S. flagged vessels, and failing to follow them can have disastrous consequences.

We all miss things once in a while - birthdays, anniversaries, and sometimes our annual Coast Guard documentation renewal. If you miss the deadline to renew your boat registration, don't worry - remedying the situation is quick and easy.

Renew your Coast Guard Documentation on-line for up to 5 years in advance with our automatic renewal service.

What Documents do I Need to Buy or Sell my Boat? So you’ve just experienced one of the two best days in a yacht owner’s life – you’ve either just sold your yacht, or just bought a new one.  What paperwork do you need to sign to transfer the ownership so you can start e...

Boats are unique in that they can be registered with the local state agency (“State Titling”), or they can be federally registered with the U.S. Coast Guard (“USCG Documentation”). Which method to go with is a personalized decision based on a number of factors ranging...

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USCG Documentation or State Title - What's the Difference?

February 27, 2017

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